Tuesday, September 26, 2006

flickr... again!

...OK, I know, my 2nd post on blogger was also about flickr, but this time I really have some photos there!
Hope you will take a sneek peek and also leave a comment: I always like to know what do you think about things I put here and there.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Un chien andalou [1929]

Luis Buñuel, one of the best cineasts of the 20th century. Salvador Dalí, one of the best painters of the 20th century. What can you get from mixing the dreams of two geniuslike artists where the folly is scattered everywhere? The answer: Un chien andalou.

Even those who do not like Buñuel's Un chien andalou will probably never forget it once they see it.

Describing Un chien andalou is difficult because the film has no "plot" in the strict sense of the word. American film critic Roger Ebert called Un chien andalou:
the most famous short film ever made, and anyone halfway interested in the cinema sees it sooner or later, usually several times.

The birth of the original idea took place in December 1928, in Cadaquès. Buñuel remembers the conversation between him and Dalí:
Dalí me dit: Moi, cette nuit, j’ai rêvé que des fourmis pullulaient dans ma main.
Et moi: Eh bien! Moi, j’ai rêvé qu’on tranchait l’oeil de quelqu’un.

Un chien andalou Is a film that you can either love or hate; there is no other way:

Bitza - Armele Pregatite

Bitza - Armele Pregatite / Pierdut intr-o lume mare

O idee buna; macar mai aminteste cineva de Rosia Montana...

Monday, September 04, 2006

The Lion King

Lets see who's the boss...

The Lion King - video powered by Metacafe