Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Picasa Connection Problems

When I take pictures, I see that I mainly have 2 approaches:

  • there are those moments when I can stay for a few minutes for a photography, just to make it as close as possible to what I see there;
  • and there are those times when I make "weekend pictures"; when I make a lot of pictures without giving much thought to the artistic side of them. And this is mainly when I have to upload lots of pictures from AIESEC conferences. :P

Since I moved the storing place of my pictures on my laptop, I also reinstalled Picasa. Usually I use it for bulk uploads for my picasaweb accounts.

But where are the problems? you might ask by now! Well, for about a week, I wasn't able to connect to my Web account from the desktop application. The answer was actually within reach:

  1. Start Picasa.
  2. Click "Blog this" in Picasa. This should pop a proxy identification dialog box.
  3. Accept all the subsequent certificates.
  4. Once you reach the blog page, close it.
  5. Now click connect to webalbums on Picasa.
  6. Enter gmail username/password and it should connect fine.

Until this problem is solved, I hope you will find this useful!