Saturday, October 20, 2007

Teamwork Training in AIESEC

Now that we, in AIESEC Iasi, have the new members it's yet again Induction time! This time, as a LTT member I also had a training: teamwork.

This training was a first from several perspectives:

  • 1st training with a co-trainer - Sandra!
  • 1st training without my usual Microsoft PowerPoint presentations
  • 1st training with good old flip charts...
Here is a small sample from those beautiful two hours:

You can find more info about this training on my AIESEC XP blog.


Webilă (Bogdan Rusu) said...

Nice job, man!!!
Congrats! And many more to come... ;)
(I hope you tried hard not to scare the "little ones" the first time around :)) )

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh... this is wonderful.
I'm so proud of you :D
Felicitari!... :)

Unknown said...

Hey, thanks Bogdan! From the nice thoughts that Sandra and I read from the training's evaluation it seems that we didn't got the chance to scare them... yet! But LTS is still to come so, who knows?!? O:-)

Ana, you of all people should know that this couldn't of been possible without the great trainings provided by the People Development department an also the Train the Trainers training provided by Adi Rindasu! Hope you are at least as proud as we were after those great trainings! >:D<