Saturday, February 02, 2008

Python 3k

Citeam pe slashdot despre incompatibilitatea cu versiunile anterioare a Python 3.0 anunţată de Stony Stevenson:
"Organizations using Python will be affected in a major way by changes in store for the language over the course of the next twelve months, attendees were told this morning. The Python development community is working towards a new, backwards-incompatible version of the language, version 3.0, which is slated for release in early 2009. Anthony Baxter, the release manager for Python and a senior software engineer at Google Australia, said "We are going to break pretty much all the code. Pretty much every program will need changes." Baxter also added another tidbit for attendees, saying that Python accounts for around 15 percent of Google's code base."
...poveste veche, cu soluţii în lucru, majoritatea deja viabile: versiunea 2.6 care va merge în paralel cu 3.0, convertorul de cod de la 2.x la 3.x etc.
Până atunci, eu mă întorc la învăţat 2.5...