Friday, May 18, 2012

Kettlebells and Body Sculpting

This week... you did karate, yoga, running, now kettlebell!
Woohoo! Enjoy the workout...
Body Sculpting and Kettlebells
Join Philip Jess for this intermediate to advanced kettlebell class.
Expect a challenge and be ready to have fun!
Baby and Kettlebell

Kettlebells are a good workout... but it's exhausting... it sure felt intermediate to advanced for my first time: there were 10 exercises, 50 repetitions each! :))

  • Took a lighter kettlebell:
    a 12kg one.
  • Aimed for 40 reps instead of 50.
  • Did 2 exercises without the kettlebell at all, just to learn the proper movement, and to keep the balance on one leg.
  • Focused a bit on my breathing, to keep my heart steady
    (I wasn't too successful at that).
  • Even took breaks when I needed. Plenty of them!
  • But still, by the time I got to 50 push ups I was sooo tired that I couldn't even complete 20 on my knuckles and in proper position.
    Had to take another break before I could do more.
  • Still, I was constantly watching my back, to keep it straight, and my spine as tall as I could.

I found it to be very interesting; even if it sounds a bit like complaining. Sharing what I noticed: kettlebells offer the opportunity to learn so much: to ask your body so many questions, and to get so many answers; to get so much feedback from your body...

And she's right: this week I did karate, yoga, running, today kettlebell... I didn't even notice until I read it. But I'm happy to see that: I want to raise my overall energy level and stamina, to increase my health and fitness, to lower my cholesterol, to create a foundation for a healthy and happy lifestyle and...
I'm taking action!