Thursday, July 05, 2012

Box Fit

60 minute cardio workout that includes punching, kicking, jumping, is designed to increase your strength and endurance and burn hundreds of calories.
Instructed by Nancy.

First I asked if you need any accessories for this; but I've been told it's mainly a cardio exercise! So... how much of it is boxing?!?


And another funny thing: when the class started, there were 6 people in the room. Out of which I was the only man... And the only non-Asian...
So I thought to myself: OK, I can do it! It should be an easy and light workout. Just a bonus workout before my karate training this evening, right?...

But I was wrong: it's fast paced, this cardio exercise... so I might have some strength, some precision, I might recognize some moves, and improve on the technique, but still... the ladies were very, very fast!!! On the beat of the music! :))

So, after one hour of Box Fit, after watching the clock several times thinking "is it over yet?!?", after slowing down several times just to do 2 instead of 3 reps, and sometimes none, just to decompose the movement, to understand what to do, I've learnt that:

  1. + my strength is not that bad
  2. - my speed has lots of room for improvement, since many times I was behind on the movements, and still sweating buckets
  3. - and my stamina is in the same pot, leaving many opportunities for development
  4. + my understanding on the efficiency of my techniques is above trivial, and I suspect I can use it to take this workout to the next level

Overall, I asked Nancy — the instructor — and she said it's not just for girls, that there are guys that join the class as well, just that not today, maybe because of the holidays. Also, she mentioned that my strength is noticeable (compared to the 4 ladies?!?), but if you were to need to punch somebody, you need to be fast, not to punch, slowly recover, punch, recover...

Another surprise was to recognize quite a few moves that I've came across before, either in karate, or yoga, or other martial arts.

It was a good lesson, and I'm looking forward for the next one, 4 weeks from now, when Nancy returns from her holidays. It proves to be a brand new challenge, with so much room for development on two of my main flaws: speed and endurance!