Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tech dependant

RAM is an animation about becoming too reliant and emotionally attached to your personal computer. It is an exaggeration of my research on recent trends of dependency and attachment found in children for their PCs, especially in the US and UK. The animation centres on the interaction between two boys, Mark and Tylr, while the technical focus of the piece is on animation, particularly facial animation. The style of the piece is based on Japanese anime, which has already been used for many technological and sci-fi series, and is born from a country famous for its technophilia and tendency to use technology for fun and companionship. The voice actors I used were children I overheard at a comic book store, and while most of the dialogue is scripted, I also made use of excess recordings that were just too lol to not use. Enjoy! XD

Caroline Ting

Snatched from Simona! ;)


Anonymous said...

SAL ALL Care stie de "serviciul cost control" ceva? Este disponibil ?Ce combinatie de numere trebuie sa formam ca sa aflam?