Saturday, November 24, 2007

Cluj for all

Last week-end I was in Cluj and even though I haven't spent much time outdoors, I already miss being there a lot!

I'm not very good with my orientation in space, so I usually try to compensate in every way that I can. I know about the myth that a man has more chances to get lost than to stop and ask for instructions; well, I am one of the exceptions :P

In Cluj I figured out that I really don't know the city that well... Actually, I don't even have to, but still... While browsing a bit here and there, I found a really good portal: It's filled with useful information, but the thing I really enjoyed is their interactive mapping system:

On that map you can see ABI Hotel, the place where I've slept for a night. Really polite people and the place in warm and cosy. It's actually my second time there, but something tells me I'll see that ABI again...

Well, next time you'll be going to Cluj, you will have something to start with! ;o)